Participation Rules (download pdf)

  1. Our Theme is “CHRISTMAS THEN AND NOW” to celebrate our 30th Anniversary.
  2. Entries must be appropriate to the Christmas Holiday.
  3. No floats pertaining to tobacco, drugs, political references, or controversial societal issues will be allowed.
  4. LIGHTS ARE REQUIRED AND MUSIC IS ENCOURAGED on all floats or pulled units.
  5. The height limit for any unit is 16 feet.
  6. Safety is paramount. The parade committee reserves the right to remove any participant that we consider is unsafe for any reason.
  7. There is ONE official Santa in the parade. Please avoid confusing the kiddos with your own Santa!
  8. NO candy or gifts may be thrown from units during the parade. Candy will be provided at the Peppermint Station. Instead of throwing candy, please bring candy to donate to the Peppermint station.
  9. No flyers, coupons, or advertisements of any kind may be distributed on the parade route per Town of Eagle ordinance.
  10. During the parade please move slowly and keep a reasonable distance between you and the float ahead of you.
  11. Entries with animals must provide their own clean up during line up and along the parade route.
  12. Entries with animals must provide a walking chaperone and/or assistant to keep animals under control at all times.
  13. The primary Christmas on Broadway Parade audience is children; please keep this in mind when preparing your entry.  The parade committee reserves the right to remove any participant for inappropriate actions or behavior for this audience, or if the parade participant guidelines are not followed.
  14. Parade route and line-up information is available Here.
  15. Entry deadline for all floats is the Wednesday before the parade.
  16. Before the Parade starts this signed Release of Liability Form must be provided (electronically or in person.)
  17. Cancellation Policy: In the event of severe weather, cancellation information will be announced here on the Christmas Parade website or our Facebook page:
  18. Questions?: e-mail